Front end processes are the processes which are responsible for the core design layout of web, mobile or any platform based software solution.

The user centric GUI is termed as Front end infrastructure, the user interacts with this front end infrastructure and then navigate through to get the task done, all the software solutions are designed to solve a problem and the user navigated through the front end infrastructure to leverage the features the software has to offer. 

Front end infrastructure is integrated with the back end infrastructure and the result is a holistic software solution which is able to communicate with the end user to get the task done. 

For eg the front end infrastructure in web development will be the RWD TEMPLATE which will then be integrated with a BACK END which will render via leveraging JS/ AJAX/ JASON / PHP and MySQL, when the front end infrastructure which is developed via leveraging HTML / CSS/ JS in this case will be integrated with BACK END Infrastructure is referred as a complete software solution.

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