A Holistic Learning Journey in the world of WEB DEV

Useful Information About Web Development

  • Web development is the process of rendering Responsive, intuitive and scalable web infrastructure .
  • Web development is a vast field and integrates both front end and back end development.
  • Front end web development involves browser based technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX, JSON, XML, XHTML and many more.
  • Back end web development involves web server based technologies like PHP, JAVA, RUBY, PYTHON , ASP.NET and more.
  • The most popular back end technologies for web development are PHP and ASP.NET.
  • Web development is integrated with app development with the help of CORDOVA LIBRARY and multiple other frameworks.
  • Both the FRONT END WEB DEVELOPMENT process and the BACK-END DEVELOPMENT process has to be integrated to render a complete web experience.
  • Web development is a holistic process involving front end developers, Graphic Designers, UX designers and full stack developers, to render streamlined, intuitive and scalable web experiences.

Course Overview

The web development is a holistic WEB BASED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT journey which assists learners in conceiving both FRONT END & BACK END DEVELOPMENT ASPECT of WEB DEVELOPMENT PROCESS.

The course will take you on a learning journey that will include industry wide accepted learning modules for web developers rendered after years of operational and functional research in the web development domain.

The course includes Website development, SDLC, Agile, Scrum Model, API integration, CRUD operations, Web graphic Creation, Data and Network security protocols, Supporting Third party Cloud and Offline based SAAS and much more.

Duration : 1 YEAR


You Will Learn (Syllabus)

WEB DEVELOPMENT COURSE is an integrated version of multiple language courses that we offer, the web development Course will include a well structured and integrated version of the following language courses.

1) HTML / CSS / Js / JSON and AJAX (Click to see Syllabus)

2) PHP and MYSQL  (Click to see Syllabus)

3) Node.js  (Click to see Syllabus)

4) UX DEVELOPMENT (Click to see Syllabus)

5) Python (Click to see Syllabus)

This course will be a balanced mix of theoretical and practical approach, as the nature of the course is to make the learner industry level web developer.

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